Residential Renovations and Additions

We offer CAD rendering which will assist you in visualizing your renovation or addition.  It also means we can update the drawings to include any change orders and all final electrical, plumbing & cabintry selections.   

Renovating can be a bit like detective work. No two houses are alike, and no set plan will work for every kitchen, bath or addition. As we say around here, “Houses hide their secrets well”. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and it’s a safe bet that we’ve discovered most of the hidden challenges waiting behind the walls of your home. And we aren’t afraid to admit if we haven’t and will bring in one of our qualified sub trades.

People always ask us what is the most common renovation we are doing right now. Right now, WALLS keep coming down! Kitchens are definitely one of our more popular projects. But it’s not just changing the cabinets. It involves changing the lighting, flooring, moving or removing walls to open the kitchen space to either to the dining room or to the family room. Many times we completely change the layout, and put the kitchen in the dining room and extend the kitchen area. Don’t be afraid of changing plumbing or making windows smaller, wider, bigger etc. Even with brick on the outside we can make it look like it has always been that way. We have lots of ideas as to how to make the most of the space you have.

Additions are very popular for many reasons. Some houses have small kitchens and with most people gathering in the kitchen area, there is often a necessary kitchen addition involved. Sunroomsgreat-roomsgranny flats (or a place for extended families when they come to visit), and larger master suites are all popular reasons for an addition. Then there are the many additions we have done strictly for more living space.

Additions, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Basements. Choices, choices, choices, choices; but when you have a personal shopper and design consultant as part of your renovation package it makes all the difference. Yes- we shop with you, we have great relationships with many suppliers and together we create the space that works for you and your family. We have created many types of spaces: fun, fresh, masculine, spa-inspired, traditional, simple or feminine. This is where we say – “It is ALL about YOU!”.

Building is a science and Green Building is becoming very important.

Who has time to chase a window guy, a siding guy, someone to buy and install the toilets, or blow in insulation or a new furnace or improved ventilation? If it is an energy makeover your home needs, we can help you will ALL of it. Because we install windows, doors, siding, and also take care of all interior components we can advise you on the biggest energy savers- is it toilets or windows? Low flow faucets or some insulation, energy efficient fixtures and bulbs- we can help you with all of it. As a licensed company we can make the Green-renovating much easier.


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