What Is Design Build?

So What Is Design Build?

When you hire a design-build firm, you are hiring one firm to take responsibility for your entire renovation/addition process. In the past homeowners have found an architect to design a space, accept the design and then attempt to find a renovation firm to make the design happen.

With Covenant Construction there is one point of contact—we furnish design and remodeling services. Your wishes for your home are designed with your specific construction details, capabilities, and realities in mind.

A One Stop Shopping Experience.

Instead of working from architect to contractor to subcontractor to supplier, our clients work with one source to acconmplish everything. Communication is so strong with this arrangement that problems rarely occur but, even when they do, you only need to make one phone call to track down someone to take responsibility for dealing with the problem.

If We Design It, We Know It Will Work.

We make sure that what we design can actually be built in your home. Often homeowners are disappointed by plans that look good on paper but can’t be built when the hammer hits the nail. We avoid this by telling you the realtiy of the desired finish product.

No More “Blame Game”.

The more parties involved in your renovation project the more room for mishap. When juggling handling an architect, contractor, supplier, and subcontractor, something often falls apart. With a design build project there is no more blame game. One call and we fix the problem.

The Most Accurate Estimate.

With one design-build contract you can rest assured that the costs estimates will be accurate and perhaps more importantly based on your building budget. It is far more satisfying to design with your real budget in mind than to compromise your design to fit to a budget.

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