Community Service

We provide over $10000 per year in both money and employee paid time in support of community building projects through the LHBA Renovator’s Council and the LHBA community projects.

Every year we provide labour and material in various forms to Habitat for Humanity.  We arrange for “tired cabinetry” and supplies from job sites to be resold at the local Habitat Restore.

We believe in our local community we support:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Several local hockey and soccer teams.
  • Local police and firefighter sponsored events.
  • London Food Bank
  • Canadian Cancer Society

We support Teen Challenge Farm, and Compassion Canada.

We support the Way to God Ministries and provide funding to assist with several orphanages in the Ukraine. These orphanages rescue abandoned children living on the streets and shacks and provide care and training for them until either reunited with family or until they reach an age where they can care for themselves.

We provide $1000 per year in scholarships to our employees immediate families to assist in their pursuit of post secondary education.

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